If crafty is your middle name, then you might enjoy a lot our propositions for DIY home décor, all appropriate for the Christmas period. However, our ideas are so simple even the clueless individuals will find easy to create formidable pieces of décor by themselves. However, with such remarkable ribbon UK retailers, it would be a shame not to profit from the products and involve them as well in our fancy Christmas atmosphere. Therefore, below you can find some glamorous ideas to incorporate in your house during this time.

1. All the glitters with a touch of black

Those glittery Christmas globes will look stunning if you manage to incorporate some black pieces of ribbon near them. Try to create a simple Christmas wreath with them and you will create a great effect on your front porch. A plain white wreath, some glittery golden globes, some pieces of black ribbon and a hot glue gun is all you are going to need for this amazing piece of décor. On the upper half of your wreath, glue some globes in a natural manner, because those too tidy will create an unaesthetic look.  From the black pieces of ribbon, tie a few bows and incorporate them on the upper half as well. This will add to your front door a glammy look, and who does not love themselves a bit of classy in their lives?

2. Give some joy to your fireplace

So versatile to decorate and, honestly speaking, the central piece of our living rooms, fireplaces need a special treatment during the holiday season. You might find amazing this empty painting frame with a few of classy ribbons attached to it. Cut from a piece of cardboard the letters of “JOY” and wrap them in a christmasy piece of ribbon. Luckily, the market has great options for you in these terms. Then vertically glue the letters to a corner of your picture frame, while on the diagonal corner you glue a few Christmas tree branches and add as a touch up a few bows from a ribbon as well. Hang your piece of décor above your fireplace and enjoy the compliments you will receive.

3. Faux candy canes with ribbons

Dollar stores are great places where you can find faux candy canes, but unfortunately, they look quite cheap. However, if you still crave for those pieces of décor, you must know an upgrade for those cheap ones is a real perspective. Buy a number of those canes as well as red and white rolls of ribbons and wrap them alternatively on your canes. When you finish the process, secure the ends of the ribbons with a bit of hot glue, and arrange them around the house.

Three ideas everybody can accomplish, because of their inexistent level of difficulty. Also, they are inexpensive alternatives to those classy ones you find in high end décor stores. If you enjoyed these ideas and look forward to creating some more, search the web. It is an endless source of creative DIY ideas.