It’s so nice to look back on those precious baby photographs, to remember a time when your darling child was a cute little bundle who spent most of the day snoozing, drinking milk and filling their nappy! Photographs last forever, they allow you to capture the special moments and keep a record of how your child has grown and developed.  When your child has turned into a petulant teenager (complete with an iPad screen stuck to their face and a mobile glued to their ear) you will be able to look back at your photographs and recall a time where they were happy gurgling on the mat and smiling fondly up at you! 

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take stunning pictures, but you do need patience, a good eye (and a bit of luck)! Trying to get the perfect shot of a baby can be tricky, after all they don’t really take instruction very well and have a tendency to wriggle about! Here are a few top tips to help on your way to getting a few great pics

Preparation is Key

You really don’t know what a baby is going to do from one moment to the next, they could be happily gurgling away and then suddenly start screaming for milk and a cuddle! It’s fair to say the perfect photo opportunity could arise at any time. Get baby used to having his or her picture taken by snapping away as often as you can.

Dress the Backdrop

Studio photographs can be pricy, but if you’re doing your own it doesn’t mean you have to forego a pleasant backdrop. First off try to find a spot that’s not blighted by crazy wallpaper or a multi-coloured carpet in the background! Aim for a neutral background colour, if you are struggling to find a space you could drape a sheet or large blanket behind or below baby – keeping it simple can give you more effective (and professional looking photographs).

Check out what you can see in the shot too, if there’s a crowded bookshelf or a stained mug in the picture it might take away from the overall look!

Dress Up Baby

We’re not necessarily talking full on fancy dress here – although there are some cute costumes out there for babies. Think about the style of photograph you want to take, if you are after something stylish and timeless you could dress baby in something classic and neutral. If you do want the picture to be a little bit more vibrant and fun by all means invest in a cheeky little outfit.

Prompt a Smile

It’s not always easy to get baby to smile on cue (in fact, it’s almost impossible), try to make your little one feel at ease by including a favourite cute toy in the shot or try waving it enthusiastically at them so they are more inclined to look toward the camera. Check out the Baby GUND Collection, which has been designed with babies and toddlers in mind. There are loveable soft toys including Baby GUND My First Teddy, a large cream teddy that would be the perfect pal to join your baby on his or her first photoshoot.

If You’re Getting the Professionals Involved….

Professional Photographers have experience in capturing striking images, but on the day if your little one isn’t in the mood you might not be able to get the photo you are seeking. If you are going down the professional route give some thought to the sort of photographs you would like (traditional, contemporary etc) and check out the price in advance. Don’t forget to take along your child’s favourite teddy or soft toy to encourage a smile or two! Spend a little time talking to your photographer before the shoot and take a look at some of their previous work.

If You’re Having a Go Yourself….

If you want to have a go at taking a few photographs yourself the best advice we can give is to have a camera or a phone to hand as often as possible. You might snap an impromptu picture when you least expect it, and it could turn out surprisingly great!

Patience is a Virtue

Try and plan the photo shoot to coincide with the best time for your baby or toddler, a hungry or tired little one will not appreciate your efforts behind the camera! You might not get the perfect pic straight away but persevere, keep it natural and soon enough you will end up with an album full of photographs you can treasure forever.