Are you adopting or buying a new dog? Here’s how to prepare your home to make it more comfortable for your new pup! 

Bringing a new furry friend home is an exciting moment. You know that from that moment on, you’ll have a loyal friend that will love you unconditionally. But, for your new pup, it can be a stressful process at the beginning since they are changing their environment and coming into a home they know nothing about. So, you need to help your four-legged friend to adjust more quickly and find your house their home too. 

Here are a few tips on how to prepare your home to feel like “home” for your new puppy: 

Gather necessary supplies

When you first get a dog, know that you need to equip yourself with plenty of supplies from food to collar, identification tag, leash, food and water bowls, a bed, nod lots of toys. 

Your pup will need all these supplies daily. You’ll use them to take them out for walks, to feed them, and to keep them entertained. So, first things first, go shopping and purchase all these supplies that your new furry friend will need. 

Next, find the right spots in your home where to place them. Make sure that supplies like food and water bowls are placed in an area easy to reach by your new pup. As for leash, and collar, put them somewhere where only you can get them to avoid having them chewed by the dog. Place the puppy’s bed in a quiet place where they can rest even if you have other people visiting you. 

Talk to your vet

The best way to make sure that you prepare your home the right way for your new pup is to discuss with your dyrlege first. Each puppy has their own personality and needs, and the best person who can give you advice on how you can help your furry friend adjust better is your dyrlege oslo

If you take your pup to a dyresykehus first, the vet will be able to tell you some insights about your puppy’s behavior and personality. For example, you may find out that they chew a lot when they are little, which means that you need to hide all your shoes and other important items. 

Leave plenty of toys around

When the pup first sets foot in your home, they might feel anxious and curious at the same time. You’re bringing them into a new environment they will like to explore. But they will also feel a bit scared or anxious for not knowing whether or not they are safe. 

Leaving plenty of toys around will help your pup feel more entertained and relaxed as they start exploring your home room by room. Plus, in the long run, having a lot of toys around will keep them entrained and prevent them from getting bored and start chewing your furniture or shoes. 

Prepare their own place

Just like humans, puppies want to have a place where they can rest and feel safe and protected while they do it. So, make sure that you set up a “bed” for your new pup. This will help them feel like they have their own place to go when they feel tired and prevent them from wanting to sleep with you in your bed. Just make sure that “their place” is in a quiet area of your home with low traffic.