It is generally agreed that going through the process of buying the first gun either for self or home defense can be quite daunting and overwhelming, since there are a lot of aspects you have to consider in order to make sure you select the right firearm to match your needs and budget. If you want to buy a firearm, you should start the research with checking this list of best pistols for self defense that are available on the market. You should know there are other important things you have to pay attention to and steps you have to make after purchasing the gun, so you can get a clearer idea by reading the rest of the article too.

Read the owner’s manual

One of the first things you have to do after buying your first pistol is to read the owner’s manual. It is highly recommended to do this in order to learn how to use the pistol, in what conditions to store it and how to clean it. However, it might happen for some pistols to come without an owner’s manual, in which case you have to resort to the manufacturer and ask them to send you a copy for free. Another method is to browse the manufacturer’s website and search for the manual yourself, since many companies have it available on their online platforms.

Take time to practice

Simply reading the manual does not make you an expert in pistols, so it is recommended to take some time in order to practice the steps of disassembling, cleaning and lubricating the firearm, since they are crucial to making sure the gun will fire safely, reliably and effectively. It is important to know that most new pistols come coated with some sort of protective grease in order to protect them against corrosion and rust, but it is better to disassemble them, check them for hidden damage and clean them properly.

Choose proper ammunition

Another important step to make after purchasing the gun is to select the right ammunition for it. You should know that most manufacturers have the barrel marked on their guns with the specific type of cartridge they recommend and most of these cartridges come in different bullet weights that are usually measured in different styles and grains. In order to make sure you select the right bullet weight for your pistol, you should read the manual carefully.

Enroll in training courses

Since it is your first self-defense pistol, you probably have no idea how to hold it and how to use it, but there is no need to panic, since there are numerous organizations that provide training for those interested in learning how to use a gun. It is better to go to training courses even though you believe how to use the firearm just to ensure any unpleasant situations are avoided.

Overall, these are the main important steps to make after buying your first pistol for self-defense. When buying your first gun, make sure you select a reliable and professional provider.