Having your own home is a very important part, but you also have to know that, from time to time, you have to make some important renovations in order to make it look more comfortable. But, due to the fact that, renovating a house may be a very expensive procedure, there are people who avoid this decision as much as possible. This fact doesn’t apply to Canada, a country where the habitants have a very innovative solution of getting a part of their money back: the rebate services. But this isn’t all. Also, there are a lot of others tips and tricks regarding the home renovation that we prepared for you in this article. Here they are.

First step: get your renovation money back


If you live in Canada and you are looking for a solution of getting your renovation money back, just try to ask for rebate services. Those who offer such types of services are the ones that can help you recover an important amount of money, if you prove eligible. But what does eligible real mean?


Being eligible for rebate services means that you must prove that you are the owner of the house and that it’s your principal residence. Then, you have to show that you built a major addition. This addition has the role to double the size of your home. Also, the construction must have been built in past two years, in order to make you an eligible candidate for the home renovation rebate.


If you want to find more about this subject, use the words “home renovation tax rebate” or ask for a meeting with your rebate specialist. Don’t be afraid to ask him questions about the procedure and costs.


But make sure that you have prepared all the necessary documents. Usually, these documents include copy of your home insurance policy, the floor plans, the construction invoices and more. On the other hand, you should take into consideration the fact that you can receive a certain amount of money, not only for renovating your home, but also for building a new one. This happens thanks to a Canadian Government program which is called “HST Hew Housing Rebate”.


Second step: Be your own home designer and constructor


Hiring a designer and a big team of constructors can represent a lot of spending. This is the reason why you should try to do as much work as possible yourself. And if you feel like you cannot handle it, you can try to ask for the help of your friends and relatives and then to return the favour.

Third step: Invest more, get more


There is an important rule that applies when it comes to constructions. It is represented by the fact that only good quality materials can make a construction last in time. So, try to invest in quality. It may seem expensive at the beginning, but the investment will be recovered in time. So, try to look for the best methods of optimizing your budget and time!