Whether you turn on the TV to binge watch your favourite series or just as a source of background noise while you’re making dinner, you will still need to buy a TV stand. At first sight, this might seem like something simple and straightforward, but there are actually plenty of options to choose from, each with its ups and downs. It all depends on the style of your living room and type of functionality you’re looking for. Do you want the TV stand to serve as a place to place the TV or are you also interested in some extra storage and design perks? Here are some details about the most popular types of stands and how to pick the best one for your needs.

Cantilever TV stands

Small apartment, with very little storage space that requires a lot of creativity? If this is your home, then you need a cantilever TV stand. This is a tall, slim type of stand that occupies very little space and offers vertical storage options. You have a place to keep the TV, plus additional room for your DVD player, console or speakers underneath. If you like the idea, then you should definitely invest in a high quality cantilever TV stand.

Hardwood TV stands

If space is not a problem for you and you want every furniture item in your living room to express class and sophistication, then have a look at hardwood TV stands. Pricier, but definitely more elegant than other options, they usually go with living rooms decorated in the vintage, provincial or classical style. You can find products from many brands, but an option such as this Jual Furnishings TV Stand is recommended because it’s of a higher quality and stands the test of time.

Glass TV stands

Glass TV stands are all about minimalism and an urban look. To create the illusion of a larger, open space, go for a clear, glass stand, which is also more versatile. If you want something more sophisticated, you should look into opaque black glass stands. The only downside of glass as a material is that it’s very fragile, so if you have small children or pets, it could be broken easily and your TV damaged. Also, they have to be cleaned very often, because they gather dust and fingerprints are easy to notice.

Corner TV stands

Corner TV stands may not as common, but, if your living room as an irregular shape, or if you are low on space, you’ll definitely love them. They have a special shape that fits between two walls, so it’s one of the best space saving options out there. Hundreds of styles, colours and materials are available for this type, so you can choose whatever watches you home décor.

As you can see, there are many options that you can choose from. It’s up to you if you want to go with the TV stand that occupies the less space or one that impresses through elegance and luxury.