Nobody likes to pay taxes and incomes, especially when they prove to be so expensive. But without them the economy of a country couldn’t function normally. So, as a responsible citizen you have to pay monthly a certain part of your budget in order to make sure that you can benefit from some free services such as the medical ones. But what about the fact that you can receive a part of your money back? Do you know your rights which are related to the concept of tax rebate? If you don’t, here they are some aspects that you have to bare in mind.

Things to consider if you want to benefit from tax rebate services

The first important aspect that you have to know if you want to claim your tax refund is that you should apply to a company that offer such services. There are various types of these companies, but you should choose one that comes with experience and who has some tax advisers that can help you take the best decisions. So, maybe a very important part is that you should ask for recommendations or you should read the online reviews.

The second important aspect is that, besides the facts that you have to inform yourself about a good company that can help you receive your money back, you should know that there are some jobs that can have some advantages. For example, if you live in UK and you have a job that involves wearing a uniform that you have to wash and iron yourself home because your working place doesn’t allow you do that there, you can ask for a tax rebate that can vary from £60 to £700 a year. For example, those who work in the healthcare domain such as nurses, hospital orderlies and porters, pharmacists, ambulance staff and more can benefit from this particular aspect. If the uniform includes wearing a pair of special shoes such as the ones with non-slip soles and you have to buy them yourself, you can ask for a your money back. Police officers, teachers, cabin crews, builders, catering staff can have these advantages too, if they know their rights.

Using your own vehicle for business purpose

Moreover, if you have to travel to a certain location using your own vehicle, you should know that this gives you the opportunity to apply for a tax rebate. But in order to do that, you have to make sure that you keep a proof the records of mileage travelled because they are usually required. According to specialists, you can ask up to £45 per mile, if you are a nurse and you have to visit your patients.

On the other hand, if you have to take some vaccinations or to pay for any visas that allow you to travel, you can claim for your tax refund. This usually happens in the case of cabin crews or airline crews, in case their employer doesn’t give them money for these expenses. Furthermore, you should know that there are some tax rebate calculators that allow people to know how much money they can receive back, but, according to us, the best solution remains to ask for professional services.