When decorating the house, everything must fall in place perfectly to have harmony and style in your rooms, and some of the most important decor pieces are the window treatments.
If you want to add some stylish window treatments to the decor of your room to make the room truly complete, read the following lines to get some useful and interesting ideas.

Neutral tones

When choosing the ideal window treatments for a stylish bedroom, you must go with window treatments that are in a neutral tone to give the whole room a peaceful and calming look.
There is nothing more exquisite than entering a bedroom in which everything, from the bedding, to the floor, and the window treatments all have a clean and soothing look, all due to the choice of going with neutral tones. This is the perfect example of elegance, and a bedroom in which you will definitely sleep like a baby, feeling more rested when you wake up.

Bold contrast

When decorating a modern home, you have to make bold choices, and one of the most contemporary and clean type of window treatment style that you can go with to create this look is to go with contrasting colors like black and white.
A window treatment with vertical or horizontal stripes of black and white will change the look of any room, and if you want to really impress your guests with your tastes, you should go with choosing this window treatment for your living room, making it look truly spectacular with this simple addition.

Go with layers

Layers are always a great choice to go with for any room, no matter if you go with a more serious mixture of colors for the layers or with a playful one.
If you have children, you can go with multiple layers of pink or blue for their bedroom, and for your own bedroom you can go with a mixture of neutral colors to give the room a serious and elegant look.

Bring style to your bedroom

Puff-top silk draperies are the perfect addition for any Victorian style bedroom, and you can’t go wrong with cream or white colored window treatments to create a romantic environment to sleep in with your significant other.
These types of draperies might not be the most modern choice to go with, but they are a timeless choice when it comes to style and elegance, and if you fancy yourself to be an elegant person they are perfect for you.