A messy and unorganized vanity desk means that one day you might go to work looking bad because you couldn’t find your flat iron to do your hair and the foundation to cover your tired face from partying last night.
Avoid having things like this happen to you, and apply the following tips on how to organize your vanity desk to have it easy when you prepare yourself for the work day, a date, or a night out with your friends.


If you compartmentalize, you make sure there’s no chance for the items to get mixed together ever again. This way, by separating them from each other, you will have a better reach as well.
Keep items like the flat iron and blow dryer in the same drawer, place the lipsticks together apart from other beauty products, keep the perfumes together either on the table on display or in a drawer, and keep other makeup products stored in a drawer as well.
The main idea is to not allow them to get mixed together, knowing where everything is positioned to move quicker in the morning when time is of the essence.

Organize according to importance

For beauty products like lipsticks, mascaras, foundations, eye shadows, and many others, you should organize them according to their importance to you. This way, keep the shades that you use more often on display or in your reach, placing the shades that you don’t really like or that you use only on special occasions at the back of the drawer, maximizing your efficiency by doing this.

Put bobby pins on magnets

When you plan on doing a more elaborate hairstyle and you need a bobby pin but you can’t seem to find those small annoying things, you might have to unfortunately give up on the hairstyle that you desired and that would have went perfect with your new dress.
Don’t ever give up on the styling ideas that cross your mind, and just pin all your bobby pins to magnets that you keep on display on the vanity desk. This way, you will always have them at your reach whenever you need them.

Separate the brushes

At first it might not seem really important, but you have to separate the brushes according to their purpose to not get blush or foundation on the brushes that you use to apply lipstick with.
Avoid it by simply putting the brushes that you use for the messier jobs like applying blush or foundation in a container, and the rest of your brushes in another container. To make things easy, keep these containers on display on the vanity desk, putting one of the containers on the right side of the table, and the other container on the left side.