When running a business, packaging is one of the most overlooked aspects, even among large companies. But large businesses can afford to pack their products haphazardly because their name recommends them as providers of high-quality services. But if you’re just getting started, you don’t afford to send poorly packed products because your clients will never return or recommend you. When you’re new on the market you afford to make no mistake, no matter what industry you work in. you need to make the quality of the service you deliver a top priority so your clients to value your services and stay loyal.

Packaging is one of the ways you interact with your customers. A well-crafted package would impress them because nowadays people value unpacking as much as the product itself. Also, good-packing keeps your product safe during transport and ensures that when the it’s delivered to your clients’ doorsteps it’s in top condition.

When you pack the right way you save money because you save yourself from replacing the product because the original one gets damaged, and you keep the clients satisfied. And it also maintains your reputation as a trustworthy business that values their clients’ experience.

Here are some steps to follow when you pack goods.

Asses the item’s requirements

Not all items have the same packaging requirements, some are easily breakable and you must pick a package that protects their properties. During their journey from you to your clients, they go through may hands, and not everyone is careful. This is why it’s best to use only high-quality forseglingstape. You should never put the product in an old box, or a box that doesn’t have the strength to hold the item you send in perfect condition. Keep in mind that during transport boxes can rub against each other, and friction can damage them.              

When you send more items in the same box, wrap them separately

When you sell small items and clients can order more to be delivered in the same box, you must wrap them separately to prevent them from getting damaged during transport. Cushion and wrap them in bubble wrap and places them in the box in a way that won’t damage them. Use sikkerhetstape to secure the box to make sure that dirt, water or other factors won’t affect the content of the package.      

Leave no empty space

When you put insufficient material in your boxes, you encourage the products to bounce around inside the box and get damaged. Let’s say you deliver food supplies, you should always use merking av fisk specially designed for the products you sell. Also, you should make sure you don’t overfill the boxes because they can burst during transport. When you place the item in the box check if it’s enough cushioning material and filler so that the product to stay in a place and the box to absorb any bump without affecting the content.    

When you pick boxes for products check if they have enough room for cushioning after you place the product inside. For each box you need around 5 or 6 cm of cushioning.