Do you know those days when you open your wardrobe and you feel like you do not have anything to wear? Well, fashion designers say that in most of the cases, the lack of inspiration is the one that should be blamed. Maybe you have all the necessary items for creating a fancy outfit, but you do not know how to combine them. Or you just feel bored with your clothes and you are interested in finding something new. But, due to the fact that you do not have the necessary money for making investments, here are some suggestions.

Take advantage of the great power of accessories

When it comes to this aspect, you should start with ribbons. These small accessories have a magical power of turning a dull outfit into a fashionable choice. For example, if you have a little black dress, you can add ribbons in order to make look out of the ordinary. But this is not all. The good news is that you can use ribbons, even when it comes to your hair. There are some cute hair bow ribbons which can make you look great. Just imagine those days when you are in a hurry. You do not have the necessary time to arrange your hair, but you can transform your look into a very spectacular one by using ribbons. Just think of a debonair ballerina bun which can be a proper choice even for school.

Despite ribbons, you can also invest a significant part of your budget on other accessories like scarfs, earrings, bracelets, belts and more. Find the perfect harmony between these elements by choosing the right colours and patterns. A good idea is visiting those stores which include handmade items. But if you want something versatile, you can go for brown or black. These colours can be easily matched with the others.

Look in your grandma’ closet

If you do not have the necessary budget for buying new clothes, but you do not like yours anymore, take a look in your grandmother’s wardrobe and ask her to borrow you something. If she used to be a stylish woman, you would find lots of interesting items to include in your outfit. This style is a vintage one and you will enjoy it a lot. But, as mentioned before, do not forget to combine the clothes with some fancy accessories. On the other hand, other affordable alternatives are the second-hand shops. But you have to take your time for going from one shop to another.