From early spring to late autumn, we all prefer spending time outdoors. Whether it is with our pets, families or friends, we enjoy spending this valuable time surrounded by greenery, on a perfect lawn. Front doors or back doors, we still confront a few issues when it comes to accomplishing that seamless look for our lawn. Luckily, certain companies like Inch’s Natural specialised in providing that perfect look for their clients, and letting them enjoy a dreamy outdoor environment. Below are some ways these companies make sure your lawn won’t become patchy or infested with pests.

Soil composition testing and personalised fertilisation programs

No, these companies do not work following the one-fits-all rule. They are aware about the fact that depending on your soil’s composition, it might need different treatments and a different approach. Fact is, there is no universal solution for having a perfect lawn. Because of this fact, they first need to identify what your soil lacks and exceeds, before taking action. PH testing is one of the most important tests performed. Paired with it comes soil structure testing and organic composition testing. These two determine if your soil is between normal ranges and healthy for sustaining any type of greenery. Depending on these test’s results, a team of professionals will design special fertility programs, so they meet the necessities your soil might have. This way, proper nutrients will be administered in order to enable your lawn and other greenery to grow strong and beautiful.

Weed management for a perfect lawn

Not only weeds will spoil the perfect look you are trying to maintain on your lawn, bet they will also use the nutrients it needs. Because of this reason, these companies develop special programs for their clients, where using special products targeting weeds like dandelions, wild violets and clover, make sure your lawn will be perfect, healthy and strong.

Pest management done professionally

You will never be able to combat grubs or other pests all by yourself. Because of this, the same companies developed a pest management program, for making sure your greenery won’t be attacked by any of these. Whether we are talking about prevention or eradication, they have the necessary set of skills and knowledge, and let’s not forget about products either. Pesticide overuse is not a strategy they apply, but constant monitoring and action when needed is a great way of assuring proper control levels over these little enemies.

Mosquitoes are not an issue anymore

Although you might think these companies focus on increasing your soil’s levels of nutritious elements and combating pests, they have yet another important role. They deter professionally mosquitoes, using organic products. This way, you can be sure your family, friends or pets won’t be exposed to dangers like The West Nile Virus or even Zika Virus.

Make sure you get in touch with professionals before installing your new lawn, or even in case you start noticing a decrease in its quality. They have the proper tools and set of notions to help you.