Would you like to redecorate the whole house but you do not have enough money to do that? If you are in this situation, then the good news is that you can obtain the desired result by refurbishing all your furniture. This method has become extremely popular nowadays, due to the fact that people can easily transform their old items into new ones with little money. Here is how to save money by refurbishing old furniture.

If you have a bookshelf, then repaint it

You can easily make your bookshelf look like a brand new one by changing its color. What you need to do is to go to a specific shop and get the paint in a color that you like and it goes with the whole interior. Then, take out all your books, and clean very good the shelf. Once you have done this, you need to scratch off all the pock marks and scratches you can find. What you need to do next is to apply a coat of primer, and then apply the chosen paint. For a glossy sheen, you can finish with a coat of polyurethane. Moreover, you can free your imagination and add some flowers or other interesting elements that will personalize the shelf.

Refurbish your wooden furniture

In case you have wooden furniture in your home, that looks quite old, you don’t need to throw it away. You can actually change the whole aspect of it by repaint it. Just go to the hardware store and get a paint in a color that you like, and some sandpaper. If the pieces of furniture that you want to refurbish are already painted, then you need to take off the paint. Make sure that the surface is clean and soft before you actually cover it with a coat of paint. The result will certainly be absolutely amazing, and everybody will think that you have actually bought a brand new furniture. Don’t forget to leave the items to dry outdoors for about 24 hours before placing them in your home.

Your metal furnishings can also be refurbished

In case you are wondering how to save money by refurbishing old furniture, then the good news is that you cannot only do that with wooden furnishings but with the metal ones as well. You can easily brighten up your metal items by using a wire brush with stiff bristles, in order to remove the rust and dirt. After doing so, you will need to wash very good the surface with water, and leave it to dry. You can either use some metal paint, or you could use a primer and an all-purpose paint. No matter what you choose, the result will definitely be a fantastic one. Furthermore, by doing so, you will save lots of money.