Shyness is a problem that many people deal with these days and have problems overcoming it. to this extent, if you are one of those people who always get nervous whenever they have to meet someone new, attend a job interview or when they are in the center of attention, there are a few surprising things that you can do:

Take a theatre class

It might seem like a little too much, but a cours de theatre Paris will teach you how to manage your emotions and how to maintain a clam appearance. You will be taught by experienced teachers and you will even get to participate in various performances together with your classmates. At first, it will be the most difficult thing you have ever done, but eventually you will get used to everything and you will learn to overcome your shyness successfully. This is by far one of the best things that you can do, because you will certainly learn new things and be in the company of people who will encourage you.


Be ready for anything

One of the reasons why many people are shy whenever they are the center of attention is because they are afraid that somebody might ask them a question they will not know the answer to. For this reasons you should always be ready for everything and anticipate any possible question that you might get asked. This way you will feel less nervous about the situation you are in and you will manage to keep your cool and your clear head.


Do not tell about it

If you keep telling everyone how nervous you are, you will get even more nervous. Those who are close to you probably already know, but you would be surprised to learn that is not as easily visible as you might think. So just don’t advertise you’re your shyness and try to make small talk about something else, because it will take your mind off everything else and you may even manage to calm your nerves successfully.


Focus on your breath

You know that saying that when you are nervous you should count to 5 and focus on your breathing? Well, it works! No matter how nervous you might be, stop fidgeting with your arms and inhale and exhale deeply. It will work if you give it time and you believe in it, so just try it, even if you think it is a waste of time. It will calm you and help you focus on what you have to do next.


All in all, when it comes to overcoming shyness, these are just a few techniques that will certainly help you. Some of them will offer results in the long run, others will allow you to keep the problem under control on the moment, but they all provide some beneficial results, so make sure you try them. Whether you decide to take an acting class or you try other techniques, you should never stop trying to eliminate this problem from your life or at least keep it under control.