Dorm rooms are not exactly known for space, which is why you will have to organise your space a little in order to feel completely comfortable and maximise your space as much as possible. You will have to take care of all the details if you want to have the perfectly organised room and don’t feel too crowded. Depending on the student accommodation London facility you find, the size of your room might vary, but you will still need to find a space for everything:

Loft the bed

The bed is the item that probably takes up most of the space in any room and you could easily solve this problem by lofting it. You can find a lofting kit at any furniture store and you could use the space that the bed would normally take to put your study desk, the dresser or some bookshelves. The fact is that you will have so much more space than you initially thought and you will be grateful for this decision.


Don’t bring too much stuff from home

Even though your bedroom should certainly reflect your personality, you should not bring all the contents from your room at college. Just take the essential wardrobe items, the books your need, bedding, towels and so on. You will see that even so, you will have quite a lot of things to take with you. The ones you need later on, you can ask your parents to send them to you later on, in several of their care packages. In addition, in case you will have a roommate, you should discuss to avoid duplicating large items such as refrigerators or TVs, because you will only need one anyway.


Go creative on storage methods

You should not let go to waste any available free space in your room. For instant, you can bring a chest for storage that you can use as a table as well or you can use damage free wall hooks for your towels and coats. There is always something that can be done to maximise the space in a room, you just need to think of the proper tools to help you and you will definitely not have any problems in finding a place for all of your things.


Discuss with your roommate

You should always discuss with your roommate to let each other know what you need and agree upon a few things. This way you will know from start what you need to bring, what your roommate can brings and everything will be nice and organised.


These are some of the most useful tips for college students who are about to move to a dorm room for the first time. Every person has a different style and they might have special needs, but when you take your time to organise everything properly, you will definitely enjoy the extra space you obtain at the end of the day and you will be proud of the way your dorm room looks.