Designing your living room in a rustic way might seem complicated for some people, when in fact it is quite easy if you take into account several factors. One important element of a rustic living room is the fireplace, so you should consider searching for a company that can help you install it. You do not have to worry about potential repairs for your fireplace either, because companies as it is the case of Integrity Masonry are willing to offer professional services regarding fireplace repairs. Below are some other useful tips that might help you design the desired living room.

Fireplaces are a must

In order to bring that rustic look to your living room, you should definitely consider installing a fireplace. You should know that there is a wide variety of companies on the market that provide services regarding fireplace installing and repairs. You can opt for the one that best fits your needs and budget. Moreover, you can choose gas or wood-burning fireplace, although, in case you want to have at least one part of those famous scenes from the movies with people sitting on a cosy sofa right next to the fireplace, choosing the wood-burning one might be a better choice.

Opt for wood and stone

In order to create that authentic rustic décor for your house, you should opt for hardwood pieces of furniture. Choose for wood for the rest of the room too, because this way you can create the perfect rustic atmosphere.  Find reliable and trust-worthy furniture suppliers and start looking for the right furniture for you right away. You can design your house in order to seem like a hybrid log house for instance that will get you the feeling that you live inside a real tree. Combine wood with another element that should not miss from a rustic environment – stone. Whether you opt for a natural stone fireplace or you decorate your walls with stone, you can be sure that the combination of these two elements will only create an outstanding atmosphere.

Do not forget about other decorations

Even though designing a rustic living room might seem complicated at first, the moment you establish the elements that should be part of your décor, everything becomes a lot easier. You can even embark on DIY projects and create something special that would bring a unique touch to the room. Find other elements that match this style, such as some traditional cushions or rugs and integrate them into your rustic living room.