People from the today society have the tendency to think very superficial and they refuse to give importance to some details which seem insignificant, but which prove extremely important. One of these details which are usually ignored is the indoor air quality which has, according to experts from this domain, a great influence on people’s life and mood. For a better understanding, we’ve made a list with the most important ways of how indoor air quality can affect you and what types of measure you should take in order to avoid consequences.

What you should know about air quality from your house

The first important aspect is that you spend a lot of time indoor (almost 90% of your time), so bad smells like cigarette smoke can cause you some real health problem. And don’t believe that only smoke is a threat. There are other things such as mould which can affect your life in the same way. For example, experts from this domain say that mould can cause people insomnia and can also make them have some breathing difficulties. When it comes to cigarette smoke, the biggest problem is that it can cause headaches, eyes and throat irritations. This is one of the reasons why cigarettes are forbidden in many places like restaurants, schools or hospitals.

The second aspect is that fact that when the quality of indoor air is bad, people begin to change their mood in a negative way. The majority of them claim that they start feeling sick and that they are not able to identify what causes them bad mood. Furthermore, there are some who think that the air from a room can have a great influence on their anxiety problem.

On the other hand, the same experts claim that another big problem is the fact the indoor pollutants are very difficult to identify by people because they majority of them are invisible. Not to mention the fact that some are even odourless (mould is an exception in this case).

Therefore, the best solution to get rid of bad air quality is to look for professional help. In Canada, for example, there are a lot of companies that deal with indoor air quality testing services when it comes to both houses and institutions. So, if you want to find the best indoor air quality testing Toronto, you should use the same words on your research on the Internet.

Ways of improving indoor air quality

  • Try to look for those who deal with services of indoor air quality testing, as soon as possible and ask them for recommendations.
  • Don’t forget to open the windows every day and to invest in a modern home ventilation system.
  • Don’t think that candles or room fresheners can change the air from a room. These things are able only to cover the smell.
  • From time to time, try to go to mountains in order to breathe some fresh air and to relax your body.
  • Don’t forget to clean your room at least once a week and to get rid of the annoying dust.
  • Try to wash your clothes and bed linen more often. Do the same thing with your shoes.