Nowadays, children tend to spend more and more time indoors, which is why most parents are desperately trying to find solutions to get them out of the house and help them have a healthy lifestyle. One of the best options available, one that including doctors strongly recommend, is to enrol children in five aside football schools and encourage them to participate in five aside football games in London. If you aren’t convinced yet about the perks that five aside football can have on your child’s lifestyle, make these ones will make you change your mind.

First of all, there are the health benefits

The main reason why five aside football would be a great choice for your child is that it will help them maintain a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. You won’t have to worry about weight problems for instance, because five aside implies a lot of physical activity, especially running. Even though a match lasts less in five aside compared to regular football (where there are eleven players on the field), the game is much more intense and demanding.

Then, there are socialization benefits

It’s a team game after all, which means that your child will have to learn what team spirit and team work mean. They will be able to bond friendships and manage to overcome their anxiety to talking to other children their age that they don’t know. They will actually learn how to socialize and how to behave when being surrounded by people other than their classmates and neighbourhood friends.

They will learn what winning and losing mean

Many people who have little to no contact with this area are of the opinion that it’s all about winning as much games as possible when it comes to five aside football, but the truth is this doesn’t apply here. Sure, winning a match will help them realize their efforts were worthy. But this doesn’t mean that losing a match isn’t going to do them good as well. On the contrary actually, when losing a match, they will gain experience, they will have the chance to analyse their moves, see where they did wrong and improve their gaming experience and skills for the next match. This is an incredibly valuable lesson that they can use not only in five aside football, but also later on, when they will grow up.

They will acquire new skills

You should know that five aside is a game of speed, high speed actually. Everything happens very fast on the field, due to the fact that the number of players in each team is five only. Every player needs to stay connected and focused on the field during the entire game in order to be able to make the best decisions and to lead their team to success. This will help your child develop new skills, such as fast thinking, improve their existing skills and their reflexes.

Five aside football may seem like an easy-to-play game, but it implies a lot of effort actually. Even so, your child will have a lot to learn and win if you encourage them to take up this sport.