Christmas is just right around the corner and everybody is looking for ideas on how to decorate their homes. Maybe you have already started to put your Christmas decorations up, but what about your garden? Have you thought of decorating it too? If not, you need to fully get into the holiday spirit and start putting up decorations such as fairy lights, wreaths, garlands, and so on.

Fairy lights can make your garden look enchanted

Even though fairy lights can be used all year round, they turn into something magical around the festive season. For example, you can buy some mason jars, fill them with lights, and place them on your outdoor table. And do not forget about your plants! They can also be decorated with fairy lights.

Garlands and pops of color

If you happen to have a pergola, for example, try surrounding its woody pillars with some Christmassy garlands. Also, on your outdoor table, you can have things such as a lantern, some colored candles, or other pops of red and green.

Reindeer and snowman decorations

Ornaments that are made of wire and pre-lit are the perfect decorations to place in your garden. You do not have to get all the eight reindeer of Santa Claus in order to turn your garden into a Christmas wonderland.

Nothing screams Christmas more than a nutcracker statue

When it comes to Christmas statues and figurines, a nutcracker may be a perfect choice. This Christmassy doll resembles a toy soldier and is used as a symbol of good luck. Thus, it scares away bad spirits and lays out a feeling of happiness.

Candy cane and pine cones

You can use candy cane or pine cones to decorate your plants or even your backyard house door.

What about an outdoor Christmas tree?

If your garden is big and spacious, you probably have an evergreen tree which you can fully decorate for Christmas time. And if not, just imagine the feeling that you will be getting if it were to snow. That would make the perfect winter landscape.

Your garage needs to be decorated too

Finally, do not forget about your garage. Your car needs to get into the festive mood too. And because you will have a lot of errands to run, Edmunds thinks the 2018 Audi A3 Sportback will be a great choice for your Christmas and grocery shopping. It is very roomy and perfect for the snowy season.