Garden decks might seem like just another home addition to someone who lives in a flat but, if you have a house, you probably know that decks are a way of life. When installed and decorated properly, decks can give new function and meaning to a property, offering a relaxing space where you can dine, chat, read or stargaze. Needless to say, it also increases property value. In some regions, most houses are built with a deck, but if you currently don’t have one, here are some ideas on installing decking in your garden depending on your lifestyle, budget and preferences.

The exotic retreat

We all want to be away on an exotic island somewhere after a long day at work, but what if you could bring the exotic island to your garden? Installing a holiday-themed garden deck is just what you need to forget about a busy day. For this project, you will need planks of wood in a light color to replicate sand and a few key decorations for that exotic vibe. Your exotic retreat should have a beach umbrella and as many beach-inspired decorations as possible, including a hammock, coconut shaped glasses and palm tree prints.

The reading nook

If you want to create a nice place in your garden to read every day, then comfort should be your number one priority. Your deck can be made from any kind of wood you prefer, but, if you’re aiming for that old library look and feel, you could go for a distressed wood. Choose large sofas and armchairs and don’t forget about pillows and throws, because they will make the entire space more welcoming. Placing an entire shelf on the deck is not recommended because the outdoors aren’t the best place for storing books, but you can add a small table.

The outdoor kitchen

Cooking outdoors might just be the most relaxing way to cook, so why not turn your garden deck into a small outdoor kitchen? This is one of the most popular options among homeowners and also the most practical. To turn your garden deck into an outdoor kitchen you will need several appliances (barbecue, grill, cooker), a counter and, of course, a table and chairs. Ideally, this kind of garden deck should be covered and all the furniture should be treated with a water-resistant coating. For the finishing touches, add a few plants and decorative lights.

The social lounge

Last, but not least, you can set up a garden deck and use it as a space for socializing with friends. If you have a pool, you can connect it to the deck to take advantage of every inch. Either way, you will need to invest in a three-person sofa and a couple of comfortable armchairs. A social lounge would not be complete without a table, a minibar and some lights. If the space allows you, then you can also install a rocker chair.

No matter which of these options you go for, don’t forget to use high quality wood for the deck and count on a team of specialists to design and install the decking for you.