Calcium is essential to life, which means that that body needs it in order to maintain optimal health. Studies have shown that calcium reduces the risk of dying early, which is reason enough to take dietary supplements. It is good for the bones, blood vessels and the nervous system. The issue is that people do not get the suggested intake of calcium, which is the reason why it is necessary to consider other sources than natural ones. Calcium supplements are largely considered the greatest thing since sliced bread and it is not difficult to understand why. Despite the fact that these pills are so beneficial, many actually question their value. They have heard rumors about AlgaeCal side effects, so it is not hard to see why they think supplements are not worth it. The truth is that calcium supplements are not harmful, but you do need to follow some tips when taking them.

Try to limit your dose

People are tempted to exaggerate with supplementation, in other words they take one too many pills. The reason why they take too many supplements is that they strongly believe that this way they will get better results. What you should know is that excessive supplementation is harmful. Your body cannot absorb more than 500mg of calcium at a time, so you should not attempt to double your dose. Ideally, you should respect the daily recommended intake, which for adults between 19 and 50 years is of 1,000 mg. The Mayo Clinic recommends not taking more than 600mg at a time. Limit to a single dose and if your doctor says you must take 1,000mg per day; split the tablet as your body will not absorb that much calcium.

Pay attention to medications

If you are taking other medications, the body will not easily absorb the calcium. Drugs such as antibiotics and antidepressants will interrupt the absorption, so you should pay close attention to the medications that you are taking. You cannot know for sure what the outcome of combining these pills are, which is why you should talk to your physician. What you can do to avoid side effects is take the dietary supplements at a different time.

Don’t take calcium and iron simultaneously

Maybe you are not currently on medication, but you are taking iron to prevent anemia. The worst thing that you can do is combine these two supplements. What happens is that they interact with each other, the result being that neither of the nutrients will be absorbed by the body. if your physician does recommend iron supplements, you need to ask whether your dietary intake is enough.