Whether you plan to buy your first house for your family or you’re already an experienced property buyer, there are some things that everybody should consider in the process. This way, you will be sure that you pick the right property that meets your affordability demands and space needs simultaneously. The rule of thumb is that your new house should meet three coordinates: affordability, availability and sustainability. But let’s analyse those coordinates in detail.


A sustainable house is a property that will accommodate all your family member’s needs in the long run. Finding some Estate Agents in Bagnall will help you, however, make a right decision.  If you found a property that you like, before buying it, think of the following.

  • Accessibility: is the property accessible to everybody? Can all your family members easily reach their job, school or kindergarten?
  • Convenience: is the property that you plan to buy conveniently located? Are there any schools, malls, entertainment centres and medical facilities in the area? Also, are any friends and members of your extended family nearby?
  • Noise: is the area too loud? Are there any construction sites frequently open? Is the traffic loud even after the midnight hours? If the answer to the questions before is “yes”, you may want to reconsider your decision.
  • Space: is the house spacious enough to allow your family to grow? Keep in mind that you will buy a house for long-term perspectives and you should choose a property that is sustainable in the long run from this perspective.


If you sort out your finances and decide what your budget is, the next step that you should take is seeing if the kind of property that you want is available in the desired area. In most cases, buyers have to compromise something in the process, especially if they are very specific about their demands. Attack the matter on multiple fronts: hire some local estate agents, do your own research and ask around. This way, you will get more insightful information on the real estate market in the area.           


You may have very specific demands form your future family home, but can you afford it? Make sure to properly assess your resources and plan in advance. Think about mortgage expenses and how much can you afford to spend monthly. Keep in mind that these expenses shouldn’t exceed 40% of your net family income monthly. Use a mortgage affordability calculator, if it helps. There are multiple versions available on the web and using one will help you make an informed decision.

These are some things that you should pay attention to when searching for your future family house. Make sure to find a reliable estate agent to help you. These experts have plenty of experience and know the market very well. They will most certainly be able to help you find the perfect property. Make sure to accommodate your entire family’s needs.