So, your home is built on an underground spring. The water is clean and fresh, which means that you can do something productive with it. Have the water chemistries come and evaluate the quality of the water. If they say that it’s safe to drink, you can bottle the water and sell it. The demand for bottled water keeps on growing due to wellness and health concerns. Perhaps you won’t become a millionaire, but you’ll make a nice living selling bottled water. If you’re looking forward to starting your own business, keep in mind these important steps.

Determine the ongoing expenses

If you want to start from scratch, make the right equipment purchase. Get a korkemaskiner to set the corks in the bottle. This piece of machinery is indispensable, as is the equipment for rinsing and filling. The purchase has to fit the overall business strategy. The right pieces of equipment will enhance processes, productivity, not to mention the bottom line. Consider adding an annex to the home because the garage isn’t spacious enough to accommodate your operations. This is the initial investment. But what about the ongoing costs? Maintenance and utility costs tend to be high. As your bottled water business expands, you’ll also have to hire employees, even if work is automated.  

Apply for the necessary licenses

Don’t rush to buy a fyllemaskiner just yet. First make sure that you have the legal right to extract and sell the spring water. A bottled water business isn’t subject to the same rules and regulations as retail businesses. In addition to a plant license, you may need a plant license. It will allow you to enjoy numerous benefits such as priority sector lending and exemption under tax laws. In your application, don’t forget to include important details like the business name, address, type of bottled water products, water source, etc. Each application is closely scrutinized, so be careful. The licensing fee varies from state to state. The most time-saving method of getting your license is to contact the competent authorities ahead of time.

Make your brand image memorable

The image that you show to the public, from the graphics to the label on the bottle printed with the help of the Etikettmaskin, should convey the right image. Understand the emotional and rational concerns of the target market and figure out what makes your brand stand out. If you’re commercializing BPA-free water bottles, promote it as a healthy choice. Prove that your brand is more than just a logo. To be more precise, build credibility and trust among consumers. Even though you have a limited budget, there are ways to market your bottled water business. Attend local events and take advantage of social media.

Selling bottled water will teach you a lot about doing business. You’ll learn how to strategize and brand. Don’t sell bottled water to someone who doesn’t need it. Don’t talk about its singular qualities if the client doesn’t want one to begin with. Find someone preoccupied with health and hydration.