Your child grew up and theres nothing you can do but throw away the things you brought for your nursery such as a toddler travel bed? Think this through. You can find a thousand other methods to repurpose the furniture and the items you used in your baby’s nursery. Transforming an entire nursery into a regular toddler’s room should not be a waste of money. Instead, you can reuse or sell whatever you bought for the nursery. This is a guide on how to carry this room makeover without throwing anything away. Here’s what you should do:

Store the items away

Your main priority at the moment is to get rid of the objects that sit around in the nursery. This way, you can start designing your kid’s room without having any problems. In order to do that, you can search for public storage Chicago. These are units that let you store your items away until you make a further decision regarding their use. You won’t pay much for a storage unit and they are really helpful when you need to free up a room quickly. If you own a garage and the items won’t represent an obstacle for your daily routine, go ahead and store them there.

After storing your things away, start buying furniture and decoration items for the room. You can repaint the walls before to change the look of your nursery. Ask your little one for their preferred color. Leave more space on the floor and add some rugs instead. Your child will spend a lot of time playing on the ground.

Garage sales

Now, back to the nursery items, you don’t want to throw away. You can organize a garage sale and tell people about it. Create a Facebook event to let your friends know what you are about to sell and when you want to do it. New parents are always looking for deals when it comes to nursery furniture. If yours is in perfect condition, why not helping them to save some money? Instead of throwing it away, clean it up, recondition it if needed and sell it. It is a good deal for everyone.

DIY projects

You can transform your old nursery table in a desk for your toddler. You can repurpose the crib into something entirely new. If you own a dog, there are many DIY projects out there that teach you how to transform a nursery crib into a beautiful and elegant dog crate. The crib can also be transformed into chairs or a cute bench for your child. With a little bit of imagination and basic skills, your nursery furniture can turn out to be something useful.

Finally, if you don’t manage to do anything with your furniture, you should donate it. Throwing the items away is not a solution in this case. There are many families out there that need help with their children. Moreover, you can donate the furniture to hospitals or daycare centers.