If you plan your wedding, you already know that you have to decide upon the favors that you will offer your guests. You want to show them that you appreciate that they attend your event, and that you spent your time to choose the most amazing favors for them. The majority of people buy favors from the first online store they find. Their only worry is to find something that meets their budget, but if you want to show people that you appreciate their presence, you should offer them something unforgettable. If you buy something from the shop around the corner they will simply throw it away, and you would waste your money for nothing. The best thing would be to create the wedding by yourself, and not only that your guests will love to receive them, but you will also save a lot of money. If you access a website as Craft Juice you will find inspiration for your wedding favors.

You can create a take-home bar of tasty treats

People love sweets, especially when they are at a wedding, so you should consider having a take-home bar where you offer different tasty treats. They can eat them there, or they can take them home, but you are sure that they would enjoy these favors. You should bake different types of sweet treats, because in this way people can choose exactly what they want. There is no end to the varieties of sweets you can make at home, so you should ask your friends and family come over one night, and help you do the favors by yourself.

Spice the favors up

Species are essential for everyone who spends time in the kitchen, so you can be sure that your guests will find them useful. You should talk with your partner, and decide what spice is your favorite one. Also, you have the possibility to mix different little jars of spices, and offer them as favors to your guests. You can craft an embroidery to decorate the jars, and hide the content, so they would have a surprise when they get at home.

Custom coffee or tea bags

Let’s face it, people love to drink coffee or tea, and you can be sure that they will appreciate if you offer them a sample of your favorite coffee or tea. Choose the type of coffee and tea by yourself, and make the bags by yourself, to offer your guests favors made with love. You only have to choose the material from which to make the bags and to personalize the stickers with your wedding date and names.


If the above ideas do not seem interesting to you, you should consider making some sachets. You only need a sewing machine, and some beautiful pieces of fabric. You can play with the patterns and shapes, because you do not have to offer identic sachets to every one of your guests. Place some dried lavender inside, and you will have some unique favors to offer your guests to show your gratitude?