Your pet deserves all the attention in the world, but unfortunately, you cannot always give it to them. Your job and other day-to-day activities do not allow you to always be by your pup’s side, and, in this case, solutions are needed. You cannot leave them home alone and unsupervised. Or, can you? You may, but you must pet-proof your home to be a safe and sound place for your furry companion to feel like nothing is missing.

See If You Can Crate Them

The safest place to keep your dog in when you are not home is perhaps a crate, but ensure you crate train them beforehand, especially if you usually let your dog explore the house freely. They might not be accustomed to staying in a crate as it might intimidate them. On the other side of the coin, some pups love being in their container, mainly if you design it appropriately. It is essential for your pet not to see it as a punishment but as a safe spot, so ensure they understand this. Dogs and animals generally understand your actions if you adequately explain them.

Not very excited about this? You can always take your beloved four-legged friend to hundebarnehage, where they benefit from careful and permanent daycare. Your dog will be supervised appropriately, provided with healthy and delicious food, and socialize and play with other fellows in outdoor areas.

Consider Pet Sitter Check-in

If you live in an urban area, you are likely to have pet sitter check-in services nearby. You would be surprised at how many pet sitters you can find to take care of your dog while you are not home. These pet sitters can walk, supervise, and play with your dog while away, so you can be care-free all this time. As with the price, such services are usually budget-friendly and can be customized according to your pup’s needs. If you are not one hundred percent sure about pet sitters, there is no problem. Consider taking your furry companion to a dyreklinikk Nittedal-based, where they will receive professional dog care and services like dog training, grooming, and vet.

Puppy-safe Your House

If you leave your pet free to roam the entire house, you must ensure this space is safe enough for your pup not to get hurt. Consider keeping any poisonous substances or hazardous chemicals out of reach so your pet cannot get to them. The same applies to foods like chocolate, tomatoes, and garlic, as these can be extremely harmful if swollen. Also, everything from shoes to cables must be stored appropriately and not spread on the floor. Pay attention to the garbage container and ensure it is locked in so your dog cannot get trapped inside or take anything from there. If this sounds like too much, it is ok, we understand. That is why we also recommend bringing your pet to a kennel Gardermoen-based to ensure they receive the best of the best and are kept safe from hazardous objects.