This is the time of the year, when everyone is decorating their homes, and you should do the same. Do not think that you would have to spend a lot of money for Christmas decorations, because if you do not have anything saved for this occasion, you can use what you have around the house and craft some amazing decorations. You might not even have idea what you have around house, so you should go in the attic and see what you have stored in those old boxes. Also, you can use some of the supplies you have bought for designing clothes, because ribbon clearance is great to be used to craft some bows and other decorations, Here are some ideas on what you can do to bring the Christmas vibe indoors.

Bring a pop of colour on the curtains

You might have opted for nude tones when you have decorated the house, and this is great now, because you have a simple canvas on which to paint for the holidays. You can start by making some little ribbon bows. According to your preferences, you could choose the colour of the ribbon, if you want something cheerful choose something red, or a warm colour, but if you want to bring a frozen touch inside the house, choose blue or silver ribbon.

Put a fluffy carpet on the floor

When you think at the winter holiday, you think at the cosy atmosphere from inside, and at the moments spend together with you family and friends. But the coach would not be big enough for all of them, and some of them might want to stay on the floor. So you should bring that fluffy rug you have taken away from the living room, and place it close to the fire.

Decorate the Christmas tree

How your winter holidays would look if you would not have a Christmas tree inside? Where would you place all the gifts? Well, choose a beautiful green one with many branches, and decorate it in a unique way. You do not have to invest a lot of money in decorations, because you can use ribbons and hand crafted accessories to make it look outstanding. You can hang photos with you and your family in the Christmas tree, and tie them with ribbon stripes to obtain a beautiful and colourful effect. Do not ignore this time of the year, because it is great to decorate the house together with your family.