Many homeowners are confused when they have to move, because there are so many aspects, which have to be considered before, during and after moving in a new house. When only thinking of it, people do not realise how many objects they could have in a house, and when they have to prepare for moving, they feel overwhelmed, because they have to pay special attention to every one of them. The simplest option would be to contact a removal company in London to help you deal with the entire packing and moving process, and in this way, you will avoid all the stress that might appear. However, even if you are collaborating with a moving company or not you should know that a checklist would be very helpful for you.

Two months before checklist

Two months before moving, you have to contact the removal company for booking a team to help you in the day of your move. It is important to talk with the specialists in time, because you have to be sure that they are not booked in that period. Also, you should look for a new school in case you have children, and arrange the transfer because this process might take up some time. It is also the right time for starting to order cardboard boxes and start packing some of the objects, which you do not use at the present. When you start organising things in boxes for moving them in the new house, is the perfect opportunity to clear out your house from old stuff you do not need anymore.

Four weeks before

In case you do not have an insurance for the things you have in your house, this is the moment you should look for one, because if you do not collaborate with a professional removal company you would definitely need it. In case you already have one, you should check if it meets the requirements of a moving process. Also, if you are moving into a smaller house, this might be the moment to browse through the objects you have in your old one, and see which one of them you can get rid of.

One week before

One week before moving from your present house, you should start cleaning, because once you take all the furniture items, you will notice how much trash it can be left. When it comes to packing, you should pay attention to the items you will need in your first night in your new house, because you have to be sure that you can quickly access them, and you do not have to open 10 boxes before finding your toothbrush. Also, this is the moment when you have to sort out your bills, and have an update to the building society, TV license and other similar aspects, because you have to be sure that you leave everything on order once you move. Also do not forget to cancel the local services as newspapers and deliveries.