Different designers have different fortes in their individual collections and works. If you enjoy fashion and possess an adventurous spirit, here are some Lularock designer labels that you should definitely check out! Try these designs out and get to know the designers here:

Alice McCall

Known stylist turned designer Alice McCall clothing launched their label in 2004. In just a short time, their designs are being displayed and stocked in over a stunning number of 160 stores and counting worldwide! The popularity of their designs speak for itself when popular actress Isabelle Cornish and famed model Kendall Jenner are converted into fans and have worn their designed outfits. Described as eclectic, bohemian and sexy chic, Alice McCall collections are filled with statement-making dresses, playsuits, shorts and separates that are versatile in nature and fit for wearing to most occasions. Some of Alice McCall’s notable designs include the Knowles Pants and Grace Like Rain Dress.


Derived from the word SISTERS spelled backwards, this designer label is given life and has now been sourced internationally from clients all over the world. Prized for their mischievous embroidery, whimsical prints, applique designs, delicate fabrics and girlish yet quirky designs, the designer brand has caught the eyes of famous celebrities like Beyonce, Katy Perry and even Madonna. If you are an ardent fan of the eccentric and tasteful, then Sretsis is the right brand for you. Some of it’s notable designs are their Stardust Biker Jackets, Thunder Heart Sunglasses, Madonna Ring and Lady Cancan Necklace.


Dive into the world of fun, fresh and eccentric fashion with designer label Vivetta. Known for combining vintage silhouettes and signature styles like scalloped detailing, the Vivetta collections make use of surrealist elements combined with unconventional details to tantalise the mind in attractive playful designs. Sugar coated and tasteful, Vivetta is the brand label that combines both modern tailoring with eccentric prints. They are most noted for their Vivetta Hand Collars as well as their Martedi dresses and Anemone dresses.

House of Holland

Given form by designer Henry Holland, the House of Holland label is well known for producing designs that are inspired by the wide variety of attitudes, mindsets and cultures throughout the UK. If you enjoy the ‘London Girl’ aesthetic, then this is the ideal designer label for you. The House of Holland is stocked internationally to places worldwide and has received critical acclaim. No matter what their designs are produced, the prevalent themes are cool, confident and undeniably sassy. Some of their popular designs are the Flash Dress, Space Dye Jumper and Georgina Dress.

Karen Walker

Designer label Karen Walker contains a large versatile range of fashion pieces designed for style personalities. You can find a wide variety of products like jewellery, clothing, homeware, eyewear and more! The prevalent themes of Karen Walker designer items are chic and eccentric at the same time in tasteful degrees. The design label is so prevalent and popular, their fanbase even includes the presence of celebrities like Charlize Theron, Alexa Chung and Anne Hathaway.
These are just some of the popular designer labels that can be found in the Lularock boutique. To learn more about these designer labels and the full repertoire of labels available under Lularock, you can visit their official website.