Are you looking for ideas to make your living room more comfortable and stylish at the same time? Then you will definitely love these easy tips on how to make this space look more interesting than it already is. All you need is time and some patience to make the changes needed in your living room. Read on to find the inspiration that you need to start improving your living room design.

Color choices

If your living room space is not generous you can use bright colors and warm tones to make the room look more spacious. Your sofa and coffee table would look great in shades of orange, vanilla, brown or green. If you have dark sofa and chairs, you can add colorful pillows that are the same color as the carpet or curtains.

Add mirrors with fun designs

Interior designers often use mirrors strategically placed in small places, in order to make a room seem larger and more modern. Place a retro or chic mirror in the living room in a central area to create a focal point. This will reflect light and give the room a great atmosphere, especially if you put some candles around it.

Install a massage chair to help you relax after work

If you are looking for ways to relax after a long and stressful day at work, then there’s nothing better than having to lay down on your bed or take a small nap. However, if you want to take it a step further, you can consider installing a massage chair in your living room. Make sure you analyze the best picks before purchasing a chair because this will guarantee that you will not regret your investment in the future. Every time you will get on the chair, you will feel like you have just had an amazing massage session done by a professional. So don’t hesitate to opt for a massage chair that comes with the latest features.

Curtains and blinds

Let go of curtains and blinds and replace them with Japanese blinds or panels. No matter how nice it would be to have curtains that decorate your room, curtains can make the space look smaller. In the case of a small living room every inch is important. If you do not feel comfortable without curtains and draperies, roman blinds are a great choice, because they mount directly on the windows. Another helpful hint: avoid fabrics and dark opaque windows to allow light to enter the room.


Another essential element in decorating a living room is lighting. Make sure the light is sufficient, but without overdoing. To make your living room look more interesting you can opt for a floor lamp that has an unique design, one that is in the shape of a tree, for instance.