Little steps to a more eco-friendly life

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Have you lately read the newspapers? In case you didn’t you should know that everyone does their best to try to transform our planet into a better world. Many people have the misconception that they do not have the needed power to bring changes that really matter, and that organisations and authorities should be the […]

Ways to Get Rid of Wasp Nests

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Most times, the easiest, best and safest way of removing wasp nests is just to leave them alone until winter months when they are pretty much inactive. Then you can just remove them without any elaborate techniques. This suggestion, however, won’t be of much use to you if a wasp nest is hanging precariously above […]

Ecological awareness: teaching kids about environmental protection

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Unintentionally or deliberately, people display a disrespectful behavior towards the surrounding environment and the effects are more than visible. From genetic modification, water and air pollution to ozone layer depletion and global warming, families and businesses need to realize that if they do not join forces and take immediate action, they are putting in danger […]

DIY projects to master with your children

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When it comes to involving your children in new, entertaining projects, few are those projects that may tickle their fancy. But truth be told, such projects boost their creativity and handiness, thus must be somehow incorporated in their weekly schedule. If you don’t have enough ideas on what projects you should do with your small […]