Making the decision to relocate to France due to a job offer is certainly not an easy process. Moving to a new country can seem overwhelming, from various points of view, but if you would know more about the perks of working in France, it would be easier for you to make this choice. If you are struggling at the moment to decide whether to move to this country or not, the following employer advantages may help you reach a conclusion:

Health insurance advantages

Health insurance is something that not all countries offer, even if they are employed or not. Well, this is not the case for France, because here you will not have to worry about dealing with medical problems, because the majority of your expenses will be completely covered. Once you gain more information from the cpam seine saint denis, you will find out that while being employed, the French health system can provide you with financial support, regardless of what type of medical inconveniences you are dealing with. The costs that will not be paid by the government are usually covered by the company you are employed at, so in terms of health insurance, you will not have any worries. 

Maternity leave

French citizens are usually guaranteed a period of 16 weeks of maternity leave, 6 weeks prior to birth and 10 weeks after. However, these aspects can vary from case to case, and it is up to your doctor to establish how long you are able to work or when you should start your maternity leave. To be able to receive the financial benefits required during this time, you need to be registered at the France’s social security system, with at least 10 months in advance. So if you have not registered yet, and you are planning on having a baby, you should take care of this task quickly.

Paternity leave

One other great thing about the social security system in France is that fathers have the possibility of having paternity leave as well. 11 consecutive paid days off work is something all newly fathers can receive, and if the family has twins, an extra 6 days are added.

Paid days off

In France, you have the chance of benefiting from far more paid days than in several other countries. If a funeral occurs in your family, you are automatically granted two days off work, and if you are getting married, four paid days off are guaranteed.

As you can see, the French government offers a wide range of benefits to those who are employed, so if you are contemplating whether to take a job offer in that country or not, do not think twice about it. France values a high quality of life and will provide you with everything you need to have a comfortable lifestyle, as long as you are employed, and even if after losing your job. These are only a few of the many things you can benefit of, and you can discuss with a specialist for more accurate information.