Winter can represent an exciting season for both adults and children. It’s that one season where you can create a stronger bond with your loved ones and spend some important time together. In addition to that, you get to decorate your house in a festive and magical manner, but if you want to take it a step further you can consider creating a beautiful winter landscaping design, to impress all of your neighbors and guests. Today, we will show you how.

Choose perennial plants

Four-season perennials are a great choice for a winter landscape because they are easier to maintain and can last through the entire season. Ornamental grasses and flowering plants are a great addition in any garden, regardless of season, but during the winter the ornamental flowers add color and brighten up your winter landscape. Camellias or Winter hazels are delicate flowers that add a touch of elegance to your garden while also serving as living privacy borders.

Keep snow at bay with a best-selling snow blower

To make sure that the heavy snow will not crush the delicate flowers you will want to use a best-selling snow blower to remove the snow from your garden. If you live in an area with mild snow falls, opt for a single stage snow blower because it’s easier to use and can handle removing snow without causing damage to the garden vegetation. On the other side, if you live in an area with heavy snow blower, consider a powerful dual stage snow blower.

Front yard pond

During winter, almost everything is motionless and silent, so having a water feature in your garden or front yard can be a great addition because it grabs the attention of everyone around. Hire a landscape artist to create a beautiful water feature, such as a small pond or a fountain in your front yard. You can also design an unique water feature by watching several online tutorials on how to make a DIY fountain or waterfall. The project will be very affordable, so you won’t have to worry about making a whole in your budget.

Holiday lights

It doesn’t matter if the holiday season has passed or if you are not feeling very festive this year, because holiday lights can brighten a winter landscape while enhancing security. Holiday lights can also create focal point in your garden, so if you want to highlight a certain object in your yard or garden make sure to wrap the lights around your water feature, trees or garden decorations. A good tip would be to use LED lights if you want to preserve energy because LED light bulbs use 90% less energy than regular incandescent bulbs. Another advantage of opting for LED holiday lights is the fact that if one bulb goes out, the others will stay lit so you won’t have to replace the entire string of holiday lights.