From the moment he puts that ring on your finger, the next months of your life gain a whole new meaning – successfully planning a memorable wedding. Inevitably, your mind goes back and forth between venue and theme, date and invitations, food and beverages, decor and music, transport, rehearsal and wedding attire, timeline, budget and record-keeping. Indeed, you will become an extremely busy woman preparing for the most important moment of her life. The truth is that if you do not create a checklist, the endless details will overwhelm you at some point during the planning process. You should consider contacting a professional wedding planner who not only will make sure that you meet the established deadline without exceeding the limit of your budget, but also reassure you that everything is going to be, look, smell and sound perfect. In any cases, wedding planning automatically involves family drama. If you want to avoid such an inconvenience, you should make it clear for everyone that you want to handle the process by yourself.

Steps that you have to complete with months before the wedding

Since we want to facilitate this seemingly daunting mission for you, we decided to create a simple checklist to make sure that you follow the steps in a logical order in order to meet your deadline and that you do not forget important details. Start by clearly picturing your wedding and setting a realistic budget. You have to be aware that you cannot make it until the much-awaited wedding day without professional help from experienced people. After picking your wedding date, you have to explore various options in terms of venue and start making up the guest list. There are many ceremony and reception sites that look out of this world so you must start an intense selection process. furthermore, you have to start thinking about the venue décor, a platinum wedding ring, the type of entertainment, the wedding caterers you will hire and most importantly, your strikingly beautiful wedding dress. We are fully aware that choosing the most flattering gown for your body type requires time, patience and numerous attempts, but you will eventually succeed to find an exquisite model.

Steps that you must complete with weeks before the big day

After purchasing the perfect dress for the most important event in your life, you have to do the same for your bridesmaids. After all, you are going to appear together in many wedding photos. With approximately six months before the wedding, you have to start planning your honeymoon. This time you have to discuss with your future husband so that you both choose a romantic or adventurous destination, according to your personalities. After completing the honeymoon mission, you have to direct your attention towards the invitations and the wedding cake, which has to be visually appealing, to say the least. Unless your calligraphy is exceptional, you should consider hiring a professional calligrapher and also wedding day transport. Write your vows with a month before the big day, have a final dress fitting, book a stylist and make-up artist, create a wedding program and make last adjustments.