Most times, the easiest, best and safest way of removing wasp nests is just to leave them alone until winter months when they are pretty much inactive. Then you can just remove them without any elaborate techniques. This suggestion, however, won’t be of much use to you if a wasp nest is hanging precariously above your front porch, and the wasps are tormenting anyone and everyone who has to pass through. It can get pretty dangerous and annoying, so it’s no wonder you’re here on this page looking for ways to get rid of them as fast as possible.

If you want to DIY, keep in mind that you are to proceed with utmost care. Services like wasp nest removal in Forest Gate have experienced that wasps can be very aggressive when you come within their territory, which is as ironic as it is unfair if it happens to be within your home. Wasp nests cause searing pain and in many cases induce either allergies or anaphylactic shock. However, do not be afraid; getting rid of wasp nests is really simple in most circumstances, and you should be OK so long as you follow the guidelines in this article.

Safety First

First, you should study the nest so you can determine what kind of wasps inhabit it. You can do this by mere observation. If it hangs in a tree and is big, then it is most probably a bald-faced hornet nest. Round and flat ones with visible combs are for paper wasps. Oddly unevenly shaped nests found in the ground are for yellow jackets. While their aggressiveness varies according to type, with the paper wasps being the least and yellow jackets the worst of them all, all of these will sting you when you attack them. So you should regard all of them as armed and dangerous.

Wear protective gear; the bee suit is perfect for this. You can get one at wasp nest removal in Forest Gate. Or improvise by layering your clothes so that they cover every inch of skin and closing every possible entry point with tape. You can make a wear a helmet or make a mask out of mosquito nets. The best time of the attack is at dusk.

For Aerial Nests, Use Projectile Poisons

You’ll need to have procured projectile wasp killers recommended by Pest Control London. They usually come in cans. Approach the nest and aim at the opening, spray copious amounts like your life depends on it. Then fall back. Repeat the process if the next day you check, and there’s still any sign of life.

For Ground Nests, use regular poison

Get foaming hornet killer. Locate the entrance to the nest, then insert the tip of the can in the opening and spray furiously down the hole. If you check back and there’s still lingering activity, blast the whole with another round. The fill it up completely.