Decorating a garden with pebbles definitely brings a unique touch. The diverse colours and textures that fill that empty space give one the impression that the garden has something quite special, thus making it the perfect place to meditate, get lost in thoughts or spend some quality time with family and friends. It is worth mentioning that the number of companies that provide various types of decorative garden pebbles has significantly increased in the past years, since more and more people wanted to give their gardens a slight touch of colour. Here are some useful tips to help you pebble your garden.

Prepare the space for pebbles

The first thing you have to do before decorating your garden with pebbles is to prepare the space. Measure your garden and establish the space where you will place these colourful stones. In order to heighten the effect of these pebbles, it is recommended to choose an area that is blocked off from the rest of your garden. In case you do not know exactly how to place these little stones, you can take a tour at some local gardens in order to find some inspiration there.

Selecting the right pebbles

It is worth mentioning that there is a wide range of pebbles available on the market. You can find stones with different colours, sizes and shapes, so all you have to do is some research on the internet and look for the design and colour you consider that best fits your garden. It is recommended to have a clear idea upon how you want the garden to look like before searching for pebbles, because this will make the research take less time. If you like, you can even create a mosaic out of pebbles of different colours and sizes, thus bringing a more interesting touch to your garden. You should know that these stones could be quite heavy, so you should have plan ahead on how to transport them from the supplier to your garden.

Actually pebbling the garden

Before spreading the pebbles all over the space, it is important to cover the area with a weed mat, because this will prevent weeds from growing through the pebbles and will avoid the stones to get mixed with soil for instance. When you start spreading the stones, you should not be able to see the weed mat through them, so make sure the pebbles totally cover the area. Experts claim that it is better to have more pebbles in your garden, because if the area is not perfectly covered, it will make the garden seem untidy. Try to spread them as evenly as possible. After you have finished, take a step back and have a look at your garden to assess the visual impact.