Home security is mandatory, because there are a lot of break-ins, and the only way that you can protect yourself, your household members, your home, and your assets is to improve your home’s security level.
In the following lines we will show you the most useful devices with which you can increase the security of your home, devices that are a must have for all households.

Security camera

Outdoor security cameras can keep surveillance on everything that unfolds on your property, monitoring everyone that passes by and enters it. In addition, a house that has an outdoor security camera is less likely to be attacked by a burglar, this security system being intimidating for those who want to do you harm.
One of the best outdoor security cameras that you can use to increase the security of your home is the D-Link HD Wireless N Day/Night DCS-2330L, and you can buy it for the price of $200.

The DCS-2330L is a waterproof networked security camera that provides you with a sharp 720p video stream, it records both audio and video on its microSD card, you can keep track on what the camera is recording from anywhere by using your smartphone or laptop, and its most important features are the Wi-Fi connectivity, the built-in microphone, the motion detection, and the email alerts.

Garage door opener

The garage is one of the places that a burglar might use to enter your home, most of them having an interior door to your house. Stay safe by using a top rated garagedooropener such as Chamberlain WD962KEV Premium Whisper Drive, this amazing garage door opener costing only $275. One of its most important features is that even in a power outage this garage door opener continues to function for 24 hours by using a battery back-up system.

Other features that make this device a top rated garagedooropener are the fact that it’s MyQ enabled, therefore you can control what happens to your garage door with your smartphone from wherever you are, it sends you alerts if anything is unfolding that concerns the garage door, you can program it to close after 1, 5, or 10 minutes due to the Timer-to-Close feature, and the Protector System safety sensors stop the door from closing if there is contact made with an object or person to make sure that no one is harmed and that the garage door won’t suffer damages.

Smart lock

Last on our list of devices that help increase your home’s security come the smart locks, being one of the newest apparitions on the home security product market. If you’re looking for a quality smart lock, you should buy the Danalock V2 BTZU125 for the price of $230. The V2 BTZU125 is very convenient and easy to use, you gain access to your home based on a cryptographic key that only you and other people who you trust will have, it has an auto-lock feature, it’s Bluetooth and Z-Wave compatible, and it comes with a one-year warranty.