Keeping your home cool during the summer is essential if you want to feel comfortable, so finding a good room fan is a must. These devices manage to cool down the air and adjust the temperature to a bearable so you can enjoy sitting indoors when the air outdoors is too hot. There are several types of fans to choose from and although they use similar air venting methods, some manage to do a better job in keeping you cool than others. According to their efficiency in lowering the indoor temperatures, here are the top 3 room fans you can opt for.

    • Tower fans are among the most popular room fans that most people prefer because they are very efficient while being convenient and practical. As the name itself tell you, these devices have a tower shape that makes them extremely easy to fit in any room size, without requiring too much storage space. Most towers fans have 2 or even 3 small fans placed along the tall housing which create more cool air and distribute it more evenly. This allows them to spread the air to a wider area, thus ensuring a higher efficiency. An excellent tower fan that customers are very pleased with is the Vornado Tower 184, a stylish model with an interesting shape that allows it to blow cool air on a wide area while being extremely versatile. It comes with 4-speed settings, an adjustable timer, and a 5-years warranty for the optimal operating.
    • Ceiling fans are the next favorite due to the long fan blades that ensure a powerful stream of cool air. Plus, they are installed on the ceiling, meaning the air is cooled from above and sent through the entire room for the best air cooling results. Usually, ceiling fans work as a ceiling lamp as well, and come in a variety of sizes and finish choices so you can match them to any room interior design. You can either choose a wooden ceiling fan, a nickel one, a brushed iron model, or a bronze one, the options are endless. If you want a classic version, we recommend the Hampton Bay AC434-NI made of rough iron with pitted elm blades that create a great flow of cool air. It has 3-speed reversible control and come with a stylish light system consisting of 4 light bulbs that provide beautiful illumination. You control the fan speeds and the light with a convenient handheld remote.
  • Pedestal fans are also commonly chosen for cooling the indoor air due to the tall leg and the oscillating feature that enables them to spread the air to a wide area. The fan blades are not as long as in ceiling fans, but they manage to create a powerful airflow that is distributed through the entire room. The sturdy base ensures stability while making the pedestal fan very easy to place in any room. The Lasko Cyclone S18961 model makes a great choice for a pedestal fan with 4-speed control, an adjustable timer, a full-range tilt back feature, adjustable height, and an onboard remote control.