If you are either planning to move to a smaller property and you do not want to bring all of your belongings to the new house, or your current home has become too crowded with items you are not constantly using, renting a storage unity can be a great solution. When your storage needs exceed your capabilities, this is the fastest and most convenient option you have. However, when it comes to self-storage facilities, there are so many offers available, that you will need to think about a few details before actually renting a unit or another. Here are a few tips that might come in handy


The first thing you will need to do, when looking at various storage unit options, is choose a desired size. In order to handle this particular detail properly, you should first asses your storage needs. How many items do you plan on storing? Do you think your storage needs will increase over the next few months? It is better to opt for storage units San Diego that might be a bit larger than you currently need, just in case your storage requirements change in the near future – just so you don’t have to seek another option and deal with another removal process.

Facility security level

If you plan on storing items that are quite valuable, you might fear potential break-ins. To have peace of mind, and to know that everything you leave at your storage unit is protected, inform yourself about the level of security the facility offers. This detail can make a big difference. 


Money is of course something you might think about. If you are planning to rent the unit long term, you probably do not want to be charged with a large amount of money on a monthly basis, so looking for an affordable option is recommend. The price of the unit can vary depending on location and most of all, on size. Although you should not compromise on your needs just to get the cheapest price possible, you should browse the offers found on the market until you find a storage facility that can provide you with reasonable fees.

Level of customer service

Last but not least, when you are discussing with the people in charge of the facility, try to establish how much their value customer satisfaction. Because you can never know when you might face a potential inconveniences with your storage unit, knowing you have someone to resort to, who will handle the issue immediately will come in handy. The level of customer service you can benefit from should play a role in your decision.

If you are looking to rent a storage unit, selecting the perfect option for your needs requires a bit of your attention. There are several factors that need to be thought through, in order for the selected option to be the right one. The tips mentioned above, starting from security and up to price, will help you choose a self-storage facility that will meet all of your current and future storage requirements.