The toughest finish that you can apply to the garage floor is epoxy coating as oppose to vinyl floors as suggested by karndean suppliers. Taking into account that the garage is quickly turning into a place where you can do more than just park more the car, a properly-finished floor is essential. Once applied, the thick protective material preserves your concrete garage floor. The use of an epoxy floor coating will create a durable surface, which makes it a flooring solution you should not neglect. There are virtually numerous advantages of epoxy flooring as compared to other common flooring varieties.

Understanding the epoxy floor coating

It is necessary to end some confusion related to this type of coating. The thick protective material is not paint it is a latex perspex product. Although some types of paints contain small percentages of epoxy, which makes them more durable than the standard paint, they are still classified as paint. On the other hand, epoxy is a thermosetting raisin that is typically applied as a coating. As opposed to paint which has to dry, epoxy cures. A chemical reaction, namely the curing process, is triggered when the two parts of the resin are mixed.

No more imperfections

When it is applied correctly, the epoxy flooring will keep your workshop looking as professional and as well-maintained as possible. The thick finish will allow you to hide certain imperfections, such as spider cracks and flaws in the concrete. Due to the fact that the thick protective material is a sealer, it has anti-dusting properties as well. The dust that is usually created in the garage comes from the powder that the cement floor can cast off. Normal traffic in the garage results in kicking up the dusty powder that ends up on the car, the tool bench or storage items. Equally important is that the dust will not get tracked into your home.

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A very durable coating

In addition to the fact that the epoxy finish looks nice, the hardened and thick application that you get results in a coating which is durable and withstands impacts, chipping, stains and surface abrasion. This is one of the main reasons why many people who own factories or industrial plants get their floors covered with this finish to make it chemical resistant. The point is that investing in this thermosetting coating is a wise decision. The protective material is capable of withstanding brutal treatment and come out unharmed. This basically means that you do not have to worry about dirt and debris scratching or doing harm to your floor’s sparkling surface. Neither do you have to worry about tools falling or any hard object for that matter. There is nothing that can match the strength of the resin finish.

Easy to clean floor surface

Last but not least, epoxy coating makes cleaning the floor fairly simple. Whether winter or summer. All you need to get the surface shinning is mild soap and water. As for the dust and the debris, you can collect them with a mop or a soft broom once the floor is dry. The finish is designed to resist moisture and stains, so the dirt will come off easily.