Even though home recycling implies a great amount of time, it will offer substantial benefits to the homeowner and the environment. Recycling is the most important factor in conserving natural resources and recycling around the home is fairly simple when you know what to do. There is a great number of materials that can be can be converted into reusable products, such as brass. Although finding brass recycling companies Brampton is difficult, it is not impossible. You have to look a little bit further for companies that focus on more than just steel and aluminum. As you will see, recycling is at the same time practical and simple.

What you can recycle

Home fixtures, bathroom fitting and pans contain brass. Brass can be recycled an infinite number of times and it is in fact one of the most processed used materials. The reason for this is that making new brass from used materials is more cost-efficient. In addition to the fact that you make an environmental impact, you can also make some money along the way. You can sell your antique brass items to companies that process used materials and convert them into usable products. In this sense, you should contact several local dealers and find out what your items are worth. Another non-ferrous metal that you can recycle is aluminum and gold.

Determining what type of metal you have

If you want to determine what kind of metal you have come across in your home, then you should use a magnet. If the magnet stick to a metal, then you have ferrous metal like steel or iron. On the other hand, if the magnet is not attracted to something, then you have copper or stainless steel which are very valuable. The fact is that ferrous metals are not valuable in comparison to non-ferrous metal.

Make recycling work

What you should do is to separate materials in the home in order to get more money for your scrap metal. If you sort the metal, then you will surely get a better price. You should begin with separating the ferrous from the non-ferrous metals. Put the metal that is magnetic in one pile and the metal that is not magnetic in another pile. When it comes to non-ferrous metal like brass, gold, aluminum, you should pay attention to the color. Brass comes in different shades of red, gold is obviously yellow and aluminum has a silver color.