All couples run into problems at a certain point, the secret is to recognise them ahead of time and to find a solution to fix them. Even if the relationship is experiencing some downs, it does not mean that it cannot be successful; you only have to manage the bumps and to prevent others from happening. Here are some of the most common problems, couples are dealing with and the solutions that can help you fix them.


More and more couples break up because they are experiencing relationship problems. Poor communication is an issue that affects not only romantic relationships but also other types of relationships and it is important for you to address it before it leads to devastating effects. Nowadays couples have communication problems because they cannot share their thoughts and listen to their partner, while they are checking their Instagram page, watching their favourite TV drama or texting to their friends.

There are numerous ways to fix the problem:

  • Establish a date once a week and put away your phones, turn off the TV and focus on what each one of you has to say.
  • Set up some communication rules, do not interrupt each other, and ban phrases that start with “you never…”
  • Pay attention to your body language, when you are discussing, you should not pick at your nails, look at your watch or do other things that can distract your attention.

Sexual mismatch

Even the partners who are deeply in love can experience sexual issues. In this situation, the cause is the lack of education and self-awareness. Having intimate relationships is one of the things that can bring you closer together; therefore, you should not give up on it.

How to fix it:

  • Make an appointment, when sex is on the calendar it increases your anticipation and it boosts the lust.
  • Changing things a little can also solve the problem, try an AUTOBLOW 2+ XT Masturbator, have sex in the kitchen or by the fireplace.
  • See a sex therapist if you consider that you have no idea how to solve the problem on your own.


You do not have to be married to experience couple problems because of money. Usually people let money become a problem when the partners avoid having a serious conversation about their finances.

Strategies to solve this problem:

  • You should have an honest conversation about your financial situation and change your lifestyle because your current one is unrealistic.
  • Do not approach the subject when you have a heated conversation. Wait until the right time comes and find a moment that does not feel threatening for any of you.
  • Do not be afraid to admit that one partner is the spender and the other one is the saver.
  • Do not hide your debts and income. Put together the financial documents, bank statements, pay stubs, debts and investments.

If you are willing to save your relationship, you will not have issues in finding solutions to your problems. Address your problems in time and they will not affect your relationship.