Do you have a friend that has recently moved to a new house or apartment? Then you will want to do a nice gesture and surprise him with a housewarming gift. With so many different house gifts available on the market, it’s not always easy to choose one that you think might suit his needs. A good advice would be to opt for a gift that is very practical. Read this article draw inspiration from these housewarming gift ideas.

Bread maker

If your friend has a cooking passion and prefers cooking all sorts of meals, rather than going to the restaurant, then he will love having the finest bread machine in his kitchen. Many models are able to complete preparatory tasks such as making dough for pizza, baguettes, pasta or dough for bagels.

The bread maker is an easy-to-use device which can help you cook more than just plain bread. There are models with many intricate settings but most of these features can also be very easy to operate requiring only 2-3 touches of a button to start a program. The finest bread machine should be able to work with different types of flour, and it should also allow you to add other ingredients as well, in order to prepare sophisticated flour based dishes, such as panettone or even pasta. As far as the exterior goes, you don’t necessarily have to focus on the design, but rather on the shape, weight, and size of the machine. Bread makers have different weights and sizes, but most are smaller than a microwave for example.

Espresso machine

An espresso machine can be a great gift for a coffee lover. Espresso machines come in a variety of styles and shapes, so make sure to choose a model that will suit his/hers needs. Contrary to popular belief, espresso doesn’t do so much harm to your health. As a matter of fact, a cup of espresso coffee is equivalent to a glass of Red Bull. For an amount so small of coffee, espresso contains a lot of caffeine – 75mg, exactly. However, there’s no danger when consumed in moderation, so if your friend is used to drink a cup of espresso in the morning before going to work or college, it will do no harm to him.

Movie projector

If you have a high budget and you afford spending more money on a pricey gift, then you should consider getting a movie projector. This gift is the perfect choice for someone who is looking to get the ultimate home cinema experience. Make sure to opt for a movie projector that comes with the latest features, or at least invest in a movie projector that gives you the option to watch 3D movies. You will enjoy watching your favorite movie at your friend house and spend some quality time together.