Everyone loves pizza, there is no doubt about that. This dish popularized by the Italians has been adapted so as to suit the new world tastes and then exported all through the world. The Italians are not the only ones that should receive credit for what is virtually considered the world’s reigning snack. Pizza may very well be the creature of the heat, as one food writer called it, but it is rather the result of an art. Getting a good pizza is an art which Italian chefs have perfected through kneading, rolling and tossing. If you cannot get pizza out of your mind, then follow these steps and enjoy pizza anytime you feel the craving.

Understanding the language of flours

If you too want to learn how to make pizza at a professional level, you should click to the following link: https://www.trymykitchen.com/cookery/london/all/cooking-classes/pizza-making-class. Making a good pizza is not simply a case of kneading dough, scattering toppings and baking. On the contrary, the secret to perfecting an authentic Italian dish lies in passion. After passion, it is necessary to understand the language of flours. Pizza flour, as it is commonly known in Italy, is higher in gluten content that the flour used for pastry. According to the Italian cookery bible, you should only use plain flour, namely Italian type 00. This type is preferred due to the milling rather than the strength. Even though the dough may be difficult to handle, it will be crunchy on the inside and with a pleasant flavour.

The pizza dough

You will need a proper work surface because you will get very messy. Spread the flower on a workable surface and make a small well in the middle. This is where you will pour the yeast and from where you start pulling the flour into the mixture. Continue to mix and draw large amounts of flour until it start to come together. The dough is the principal element of the dish, reason why it should stand alone. The pizza dough should rest at least 15 minutes before being divided and rolled. The longer the dough will ferment, the more complex the flavour of the base will be. What is excessive is leaving your dough rest for twenty-four hours. Even though it will not harm the finished product, it will be tacky.

Spelling out the toppings

The dough must be rolled at twenty to thirty degrees, otherwise you will end up with a base which is fit for the trash bin. The dough has to be at the right temperature and stretched to create an even layer. After spreading the tomato base, the real fun begins. You have to be creative with the toppings, but you should not go overboard. You can use veggie toppings such as corn, sliced onions, black-sliced olives and jalapenos. Basically whatever you fancy is fair game.

The final stage: baking

The biggest mistake that you can make is not heating the oven enough. To imitate the floor of a wood oven, you can preheat the pan and slide the pizza to the red hot base before placing it under the grill. When you are cooking the pizza in the oven, do not have anything above. Leave the dish around seven minutes in order to get a good pizza.