Nowadays, it seems that many homeowners have a tendency to neglect the overall design of the laundry room. Although this is not the most important room in the house, it serve a practical purpose. It is therefore important to make the room look as welcoming as possible, so that you will love spending time in there completing several chores.

Use pastels instead of neutrals

If you are looking for a way to make the space more inviting and soothing, then you should add some color to the place. If you are not a fan of bright and vivid colors, you can consider decorating with pastel colors. If you decide to paint the walls in pastel shades, a wise choice would be to opt for white furniture because it creates a beautiful and soothing contrast. You can either paint your walls in a pastel shade or create an accent wall and leave the rest of the walls white. Consider adding some pops of color here and there, by placing light blue clock or a pale pink vase of flowers.


If you are running out of space in your laundry room, you can try to install some shelves to store all of your belongings. You can either buy several shelves online or from your local store or try to do a DIY project and create some shelves out of planks of wood painted white or another color. Once you have attached them onto the walls, you can place some patterned trays to store your sewing supplies or cleaning products. Add some decoration items here in there to add a touch of creativity to your laundry room.

Add some colorful rugs

If you hate stepping on the cold and wet tiles in the morning, then you will want to opt for some thick and comfortable rugs. You can find a variety of shapes, styles and sizes available on the market so when it comes to choosing one or two rugs make sure that they complement the rest of the decor. A couple of colorful and cozy rugs will be a great addition in any room, especially in the laundry room.

Hang your favorite photos

Who said that a laundry room is supposed to look boring and plain. If you want to add a touch of creativity to your laundry room, make sure to hang some fun portrays or some of your favorite paintings and images. You can also add some photos with motivational quotes or why not a large painting right above the washing machine or the ironing table.

Maximize space

If your laundry room is too small, you might want to make a few changes. For example, instead of taking a lot of space with the ironing board, you could use a garment steamer. With a steamer, you can de-wrinkle clothes vertically and this device is a lot faster than the classic iron. On, you can find reviews of floor clothes steamer as well as handheld garment steamers. If you have a lot of clothes which need ironing go for a floor model. If you don’t do a lot of ironing, go for a small, handheld steamer which will get the job done and will take very little space.