If you have been treating your garden with indifference lately because of your busy work schedule and family trips, the warm season is the best time of the year to redeem yourself.  Depending on the amount of money you intend to invest in your outdoor area, you have two options: you can make small improvements by yourself like seeding new flowers and including wood furniture or you can initiate a major landscaping project by working with a competent professional. The latter involves major changes like installing a pool or creating a pond with fish and greenery. However, there are certain ideas that you can put into practice with your Landskapsarkitekt for saving money while refreshing not only your garden, but the entire area surrounding your home. Landscaping on a shoestring budget is more than possible. It practically consists in smart changes like reducing lawn size, opting for inexpensive containers and making your own fertilizer instead of buying it.

Add a water feature and outdoor lighting for a romantic ambiance

If you plan to create a more relaxed and romantic ambiance in your garden, you should consider adding certain decorative elements. Of course, the sweet flowers, which represent the result of your time and patience, have a great impact on your outdoor space, but you probably still feel like something is missing. This is because you have to include something eye-catching or visually appealing in order to make a big difference. For instance, a water feature would look great right in the center of your already beautiful garden and you have multiple options including wading pool, birdbath and fountain. Another interesting, but also healthy addition consists in a large hot tub, if the space allows it, of course. No outdoor Landskapsarkitektur would be complete without one. Just imagine yourself soaking in the hot tub with a glass of wine or Champaign in your hand. The scenario is out of this world, but what if you want to do the same thing in the evening? Do not worry because we have the solution for your problem: just add outdoor lighting. In fact, this represents the main element that creates a romantic atmosphere.

Create a private area and include a fireplace for more warmth

Nevertheless, you cannot stop here when there are so many other ideas that you can use in order to transform your outdoor area into an oasis. If you do not want to include actual furniture in your outdoor space, then you can just add warmth by starting fire and placing several comfortable chairs around it. Even the most experienced Landskapsarkitekter will envy such a setting. Picture yourself relaxing with your partner, your family or your friends and drinking tea or hot cocoa while staying warm next to the fire. Speaking of your partner, you should also consider creating a much-needed private space in your garden. If you hire a professional, he will know exactly how to use all the elements at his disposal including fence and screens to give you that privacy.