Updating your interior design has become a recurrent and persistent thought that you simply cannot eliminate from your mind. During the past weeks, you have been reading magazines, home décor books and online blogs in order to decide the style that you want to infuse into your personal living space, but you still have not managed to reach a final conclusion. This is quite understandable taking into account the numerous décor styles available, from bohemian, traditional, contemporary, minimalist and eclectic to mid-century modern, industrial, rustic and Scandinavian. Each of them captivates the eye and tells a story, but not all of them suit your personality. Therefore, this should become the main criterion when approaching the selection process. Look at your wardrobe to identify your fashion style, consider your hobbies, the activities you like to do and the architecture the house. This will allow you to find the specific décor style that will bring your interior design into prominence.

Choose the style that matches your tastes

Furthermore, become familiar with the basics of each style so that you make a list with the rules that you have to observe in order to achieve your goal. For instance, the bohemian look focuses on meaningful individuality. This means that you have the freedom to express yourself through unusual displays and colorful elements. You can add tartan ribbon UK in various areas of the house because it represents a cheap and versatile decorative element. Similar décor styles that allow you to play with textures and patterns involve eclectic, cottage, Moroccan and even vintage. On the other hand, industrial style reminds of primitive surroundings. More exactly, gathering natural and worn-down materials, sticking with neutral colors and avoiding accessories represent the main indications that you must follow. Similar decor styles refer to Scandinavian, minimalist and contemporary.

Determine the style that suits your budget

Another aspect that you simply cannot overlook is your budget. You probably already realized that certain styles require unique expensive items for achieving that high-end look while others are more suitable for limited budgets. Therefore, after analyzing the styles and determining the ones that you like the most, you have two options: compromise and go with one that will not force you to declare bankruptcy or get the necessary money to invest in a more demanding but more striking one. If you choose the latter, you might have to postpone the project until you feel financially stable.