If you would like your home to be in complete harmony with your zodiac and your astrological element, there are a few colours that are generally recommended for each element. If you are having trouble in choosing a colour suitable for your home, this could be an option to choose from. Some people choose to hire palm reading in Sydney to find out their future, other prefer to influence it based on their zodiac sign and element. The main idea behind this concept is that you will draw positive energies towards you, by becoming in tune with the universe. While not all people believe in this concept, it has become a very popular choice among those who are sensitive enough to feel the frequency the universe is transmitting them positive energies:

Fire signs

People born under fire signs are generally warm and outgoing. This is why they could easily opt for bolder colours that other signs may be more reluctant to. Why not paint one of your walls bright red and the rest if the room white? Maybe you could even paint 2 walls purple or green and two walls white and still obtain a fantastic effect. Even though at first these ideas may sound too bold, if you look for ideas you will surely be more than delighted of what you will find.

Earth signs

Earth signs are known for loving family life and for them, warm colours are always recommended. You could try painting your home in shades of beige, light yellow or green. Something bright will work best for you and will always put you in a great mood and relax you as soon as you enter your home. Even though you may have wanted something different, the reason why you were unsure of this decision is because it wasn’t the best one. Light and luminous colours will always put you in a happy mood and make you feel happy with your decision.

Water signs

Water signs love movement and fluidity, which is why for your any shades of blue and green will be perfect. You have a wide range of shades to choose from, starting from pastel blue to aqua to dark blue and even something brighter because water itself can have so many different colours. This is perhaps one of the most versatile elements, as those who are born under one of its signs will certainly have a lot of options to choose from. You can even create combinations where you paint one wall turquoise and keep the rest either white or some other light colour.

Air signs

The optimum colours for air signs are light violet and aqua in combination with white. You will definitely feel inspired by the combination of these colours and you will be happy for having chosen them to make your interior space and you will feel energized every time you get home.

These are the colours that are bound to work best for each element. Even if you may not have thought of them before, you should not exclude them from your list just yet.