Getting rid of the mold and mildew in your basement should be top on your list. Unfortunately, most homeowners tend to overlook this aspect until it’s too late. Mold can easily spread throughout the house, making the air impossible to breath, and damaging your furniture or your decoration items. It is therefore important to take early measures and learn a few ways to remove mold from your basement before it’s too late. Here are some measures that you can take it.

Invest in a dehumidifier

The most suitable thing that you can do in order to prevent mold from developing in your basement is to opt for the finest 2016 dehumidifier. Read some reviews and see which is the best such unit. This device cam be very helpful, as it significantly reduces the amount of moisture in the air so that the air is breathable again and there’s no chance for mold growth.

The best solution in this case would be to opt for a basement dehumidifier, that was specially designed for this purpose. Traditional dehumidifiers are not as capable at removing a large amount of moisture from a very humid place, like basement dehumidifier can. Even the finest 2016 dehumidifier can experience problems due to the low basement temperatures and extremely high humidity levels. Basement dehumidifiers on the other hand are more powerful and have special anti freezing features. So, next time you are thinking about getting a dehumidifier, make sure that you opt for one that can truly meet your needs.

Use natural solutions

Did you know that vinegar and lemon juice can do wonders at removing mold from the surfaces in your house. This is a great alternative and solution for people who are allergic to the chemical substances contained in specific cleaning products. Moreover, using these natural solutions can also represent a great way to make some money savings in the long term because they are very cheap. Another useful tip would be to use baking soda to get rid of mold stains. Leave the lemon juice of vinegar to soak in for more than an half an hour and then use baking soda to scrub the stains. It’s very effective, so don’t hesitate to try it anytime soon.

Use bleach to remove mold stains

Bleach represents another effective and inexpensive solution to remove mold from the walls or other surfaces. You can either use bleach on its own or mix one part water with one part bleach for a mild cleansing agent. When working with bleach, don’t forget to use a pair of rubber gloves to protect your hand from the chemicals contained in the product. A wise tip would be to use a spray bottle and fill it with bleach to easily spray onto the surfaces without worrying that it may end up on your hands. After you’ve sprayed the solution use a clean cloth or a sponge to wipe off the stains.