If you have a real estate property you want to rent fast and keep the tenants glued to your home, you have to provide a high-quality property, with plenty of intelligent decorating and storage solutions and several other amazing quirks. From a generous master bedroom, to some witty appliances and an overall great décor, you will find more tips and tricks for your property decorating process below.

Keep it polished, keep it fresh

If you want to rent that property fast, keep in mind that potential tenants pay increased attention to signs of previous owners. If those signs are too many or too obvious, this might keep potential renters away from your property. Given the fact that you most probably collaborate with a property & asset management service provider, it would be a good idea to make at least an effort to give your rental a polished and fresh look. After you succeed to rent that property, your investment will become truly passive. So, make sure that you give your property a deep cleaning after each renter leaves, that you replace some of the items that might have been damaged by the old tenants. Make sure that the entrance to your house or apartment building has a put-together appearance and you will be good to go.

A pop of colour on a neutral background

A neutral background will make the property more suitable for an increased number of potential tenants. Recent data has shown that properties decorated in neutral colours with several pops of colour are better received on the market and that tenants feel more welcome and overall better in such properties. Thus, if you want to increase your chances of a fast rental and the rates of tenant retention, give this small advice a try. Paint the walls in neutral colours and make everything a little livelier by adding some accent colours.

Give your space identity and usefulness

Let renters know how the space that you have could be used. In a potential office area, place a desk and a desk chair, in the kitchen area, place some kitchen utensils, plates and bowl, just to let them know that whatever space they need, they have it. A clear identity for all your rooms will increase the chances of finding a reliable a trustworthy tenant, which will benefit you as well.

Clutter-free is a bottom rule

Clutter-free properties have a more welcoming and airy appearance. This is a great décor strategy that has been proven to work. While you want to let your tenants know that all essentials are in the home already, you also want them to know that if they need or want to bring some of their own, they still have the necessary space for it.

These are some smart décor tips that will help you find reliable renters fast and allow you to enjoy your spare time offered by investing in real estate.